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  • She was wearily hammering a typewriter, and then lying on an ocean beach, in a revealing sun suit, while another mechanical did the typing.
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    General von Morgen's division which had not been in action at Gumbinnen would also be sent to Scholtz's support by a different set of railway lines.
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  • He sighed; he had forgotten all about the Sea Folk here in Caemlyn.
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    Tipping was a pernicious custom that centuries of consumer dissatisfaction had not succeeded in eradicating.
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  • Her best and truest course would have been to recognise the difference between her sister and herself, of which, indeed, she could not fail to have some knowledge, to acknowledge that Cleon was made for the duties of happiness and home, and to crush down all the feelings and wishes in her heart that helped to hide this from her. And then, omelette and rice, and fried prawns, and caramel pudding, and ice cream.
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    In what we could call the most informal of venues. The King swung and slashed the axe through its thick neck, beheading it.

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  • He finally went off to look for him, and didn't come back. They seemed immeasurably high up; almost at their feet, it seemed, as they sat, the shelf ended abruptly, and far down below them the shadowy world was taking form, concealed at the moment by a light mist.

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  • Upon this larger stool was seated a stern faced man, who scrutinized them closely and silently as they were halted before him.

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