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The Lydia could not hope to survive the storms of Cape Horn in her present condition, leaking like a sieve, jury rigged, and with a sail fothered under her bottom. Four months had flowed past without a single additional clue to the Troll's location, plans, or status.

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  • The two glances joined and wrestled in the air for a split second, the one stern and merciless, the other beseeching and afflicted. It is known that all animals are greatly disturbed in their minds after they have eaten humans, and Rimrock would be human by this test.

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  • You didn't know anybody, but you had heard about the transactions--kind of like a rumor.

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  • I always felt like an outsider, an intruder, a terrible imposition on two people who had more important things to do than talk to a little girl, or maybe even love her. If it wasn 't for the magic - Every time he encountered some threat to k'Sheyna that used magic or was born of it, and had to find some way other than magic to counter that threat, it scorched him to the soul.
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